Is Content King, or an LMS?

In his 1996 essay, at the infancy of the Internet, Bill Gates asserted that the big business will be generated by content production, not technology services. He seems to have been right. Our colleague, Dr. Robert Dobay has just returned from Unleash Global in Paris, the expo formerly named HR Tech. He had the feeling that LMS (Learning Management System) is now the hot topics in large corporations, so they intend to answer the challenges of digitalisation by providing grandiose, integrated software frameworks for learning and development. Of course, these are great tools with smart design. However, most of the time the existing learning materials are shoved into these state-of-the-art systems with their outdated teaching methodology. Now users can watch the same lengthy video lectures and/or PowerPoint presentations, or read extensive, detailed documents in the newly implemented LMS solution. And upon completion of the learning unit, they can pass or fail a test that attempts to check their understanding or memory. Not much is done about application of knowledge or change of behaviour. Okay, there are probably exceptions, but this is the most widespread approach today.

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