ManageMentor app soars to new level

When we had launched the ManageMentor application after a long and meticulous development process, our goal was to support leadership development efforts using the latest achievements in mobile learning. The European market was very receptive towards our initiative. Large companies like KPMG, K&H, Vodafone, Siemens and Allianz have already entrusted our innovative leadership development solution. The app is fun and easy to use, while the content is powerful, leveraging the scientific achievements of behavioral sciences, positive psychology and gamification.

Our clients’ enthusiasm is unequivocal: they appreciate that the app is intuitive to use, the possibility to be applied as a stand-alone development tool or as part of a complex program, and last but not least, high-quality content. Thanks to all the positive feedbacks we have started developing new apps. We have also set an ambitious goal for ourselves: we are entering international markets.

The app has been renamed and is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store as Act2Manage. The Act2Manage rebranding requires no additional action from our current subscribers and users, its usage remains unchanged. All future newsletters, messages and communication materials will use the new app name.

The two other apps in the package are Act2Improve, which supports the development of soft skills at the employee level, and Act4Lean, which helps leaders with lean management. The brand name of the apps in the package refers to the common foundation and teaching methodology.

We hope we can welcome you among our clients soon.

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Act2Manage is an innovative mobile learning tool to support managers with tight schedules to get better in people management and to improve employee engagement. It ensures turning knowledge to action with the help of follow-up commitments and reminder features.


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